Meet Our Sales Team

Our knowledgeable and experienced sales team are here to assist you choosing the right products for all of your projects.

John Ellithorpe

General Manager,
(727) 228-2607, Email

Dan Bozurich

Director of Sales,
(727) 310-0623, Email

Len Breidert

Sr. National Account Manager,
(727) 228-2603, Email

Zach Male

Sr. National Account Manager,
(727) 228-2606, Email

David Somori

Account Manager,
(727) 228-2604, Email

Meagan Dozier

National Product Manager, Flooring Division
(727) 269-4403, Email

Tre Carr

Account Manager,
(727) 310-0722, Email

Wiley Mollfulleda

Account Manager,
(727) 310-0621, Email

Guy Henson

Account Manager,
(727) 310-0625, Email

Meet Our Warehouse Managers

Our knowledgeable and experienced warehouse team are here to ensure shipments on all of your orders arrive on time and in great condition.

Patrick Daigle

Warehouse Manager,
(727) 228-2608, Email

Justin Marshall

Quality Assurance Manager,
(727) 310-0517, Email

Meet Our Customer Service Specialists

Our knowledgeable and helpful customer service team are always here to assist you in anyway they can if you have any questions or issues they are just a phone call away.

Lisa McQuade

Operations Manager,
(727) 310-0620, Email

Holly Slate

Customer Retention Manager,
(727) 388-9895, Email

Juliana Arhontas

Administrative & Accounting Assistant,
(727) 228-2605, Email