Signature Series

Stainess Steel Sinks

Signature Series

Stainless Steel Sinks

Our Signature Series stainless steel sinks are manufactured with 304 Series stainless steel and available in both 18 and 16 gauge. 304 Series or “surgical grade” stainless steel is non-porous, hygienic, rust free, extremely durable and easy to maintain. With a chromium to nickel ratio of 18:8 you can expect industry superiority. Chromium gives the metal its shine and durability while Nickel gives the sink its hardness and strength. This premium grade of stainless steel is considered to be the best formulation for residential sink manufacturing.

The Signature Series stainless steel sinks come in a wide variety of sizes, configurations and installation types. The satin brushed finish conceals small scratches that occur during normal usage. They all have an undercoating applied to them and are all fitted with sound deadening pads.

Both features help deaden sound attenuation and act to reduce condensation buildup on the bottom of the sink that could lead to moisture problems in the base of the cabinet the sink is installed in. All of our double and triple bowls have reinforcement brackets which give the sink extra durability.

Signature Series stainless steel sinks come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Pelican Int’l warrants all of it’s Signature Series Sinks to be free of all manufacturing and material defects under normal use.

The Uniform Plumbing Code™ (UPC™) and Canadian Uniform Plumbing Code™ (cUPC™) are designated as the American and Canadian national standards, respectively. These codes are designed to provide consumers with safe and sanitary plumbing systems. Pelican’s Signature series sinks all carry the cUPC designation.