At Pelican Int’l we’ve taken the initiative to search and test many products to ensure we provide unparalleled stainless steel sinks at reasonable prices.
All of our stainless steel sinks are created with 304 Series stainless steel. 304 Series or “surgical grade” stainless steel is non-porous, hygienic, rust free and extremely durable. This premium grade of stainless steel is considered to be the best formulation for residential sink manufacturing.

Pelican Int’l offers premium 16 and 18 gauge sinks. The gauge is the thickness of the stainless steel and the lower the number of the gauge, the thicker the stainless steel. All of our handmade sinks and platinum packages are made of 16 gauge stainless steel.

All of our stainless steel sinks also have an undercoating applied to them and are all fitted with sound deadening pads. Both features help deaden sound attenuation and act to reduce condensation buildup on the bottom of the sink that could lead to moisture problems in the base of the cabinet the sink is installed in.